(Read about my and Daniel Biss’s appearances with Action for a Better Tomorrow – Sauk Valley)

The single most encouraging thing I’ve seen in the last 3 months or so that I’ve been campaigning is how much energy and enthusiasm there is all over the district to create meaningful change.

Action for a Better Tomorrow, Indivisible, and a number of other groups have given people the tools and framework to organize politically. New leaders all over the 16th District are building organizations from the ground up, and turning them into forces for change which are going to have real staying power.

Almost all of these groups are being built and led by people who are becoming politically active for the first time. And despite that (or *because* of that?), they’re becoming major voices in parts of the state which don’t necessarily have a long history of progressive activism.

ABT – Sauk Valley is no exception. When I visited with them the other day before taking to the stage, they had just finished marching in their third major parade of the summer season, and rather than take a break, they’d already started up an assembly line for the American flags and treats they’re going to hand out at their next event!

It’s humbling to be a part of this state-wide spirit of change. And I look forward to my campaign, Sen. Biss’s campaign, and the campaigns of a number of other progressive candidates across the state doing their part to give these groups a voice.

Thanks again to Sarah B. and her team!