There was a seismic political shift in Kansas last week, as politicians of both parties finally ended their Republican governor’s experiment in slashing taxes and cutting government to the bone in order to spur growth.

Since becoming governor, Sam Brownback has made Kansas the test lab for the most severe tax cuts and reductions in government services in the country. His chief economic advisor, Art Laffer — yes, the same guy behind trickle-down “Reaganomics” — argued that with low taxes and few regulations, business would boom.

It hasn’t. Kansas lags its neighboring states in every conceivable economic category: new jobs created, unemployment, total economic output, school quality, and so on.

This stunning failure of Republican economic policy should mean that this is the last time we hear about it. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to stick around for a while.

Do you know what Paul Ryan’s first┬áCongressional job was? Legislative director for a senator by the name of… Sam Brownback.